Tips for Finding Caregiving Inspiration on Pinterest



The world of caregiving can be an all-encompassing endeavor that’s filled with demands. This is a calling far removed from the 9 to 5, one that’s filled with meeting the daily needs and demands of those in their care. Because of its round-the-clock nature, caregivers can find themselves in isolation or lacking an emotional support system. This is thankfully changing with the growing network of caregivers sharing their thoughts, wisdom and stories on social networks.

A Social Media Support

Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest provide 24/7/365 outreach to a network of followers located throughout the world. On Pinterest, there is a growing group of caregivers who are kindly sharing their knowledge and discoveries with individuals they may have never met. The sheer number of people participating in this ever-expanding social network also provides a sounding board for those going through a challenge. Have an issue? There’s a good chance that a simple search engine query could have several solutions from someone who has already encountered the problem.

A Pinterest search for Alzheimer’s games returns multiple boards packed with pins on everything from games to enhance motor skills, activities to do on rainy days, gender-specific games, fun and nutritious recipes, and tips to decrease the effects of sundowning. New and experienced caregivers are finding the support to overcome caregiving challenges and problem solving one Pin at a time, keeping the caregiving process fresh and innovative.

Tapping into Montessori Methods

A growing number of Pinterest Pins highlight the benefits of incorporating traditional Montessori Method activities into complementary options for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Created by Maria Montessori for preschool children, Montessori activities strive to involve an action with the senses. As a result of the engagement, information can become part of the long-term memory. Sensory-related experiences created through physical activities is a way for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to reconnect with good memories.

Examples of Montessori Method for Alzheimer’s

  • A treasure hunt digging small toys out of a bed of rice with a slotted spoon
  • Putting together puzzles
  • Playing games
  • Folding towels
  • Matching and folding socks
  • Hanging items on a clothesline with clothespins
  • Dressing and holding dolls
  • Assisting in the kitchen with baking
  • Helping with household chores
  • Placing flowers or other items in containers

At SeniorCare we love the ability to tap into the extensive social network of caregiving available through sites like Pinterest. It is a great way to not only share what our residents like to do but it also offers a way to learn from each other. From these connections we can better tailor our fun time activities to the things our residents enjoy most. Some of the recent favorites include making ice cream sundaes with a toppings, keeping tabs on the progress of our backyard gardens, and taking trips to the farmer’s market to pick out vegetables for the week.

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