SeniorCare Homes is a local family-owned business specializing in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Memory Loss/Dementia care in real residential homes.
Meet our founder, Jerry Pullins Jr.
jerry pullins jr

My career began at Newcomer Funeral Homes, after which I ventured into the hospice and healthcare fields. However, it wasn’t until my grandmother’s experience with dementia in Council Grove, KS, that I realized the need for a more personal approach to senior care in Kansas City. As she was shuffled between nursing homes, skilled care facilities, and hospitals, I was determined to build a better way to provide care.

I founded SeniorCare Homes in 2007, determined to offer a more personalized approach to care that larger, corporate facilities couldn’t provide. By cultivating deep relationships with our residents, families, and staff, we have been able to bring our dream of providing the best care in the city to life, successfully creating a smaller senior living option that offers families access to one of the most innovative care options in the country.

With over two decades of experience in healthcare, I remain committed to senior living and end-of-life care. Recently, we expanded our services to provide senior living advocacy and support to families through our sister company, CareStreet, which was established in 2022. Our goal in running these two organizations in parallel is to share our years of expertise and industry know-how with as many families as possible. 

To me, there is no greater honor than helping someone during the “last chapter” of life. My life’s work is to innovate organizations and grow people who share this passion for changing lives. In Kansas City, we have a wonderful opportunity to live, work, and thoughtfully disrupt the world of senior living, one person at a time.


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