Hospice Care For End of Life

There is nothing more difficult than losing someone, especially if they’ve experienced a degenerative illness. Ensuring that a loved one’s final weeks are as comfortable as possible is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why SeniorCare Homes provide a full continuum of care at our residences including hospice.

Our specialists are trained for end of life care and we’re incredibly proud of how our caregivers work to create a calm, loving almost magical setting for everyone when the time comes to say goodbye. We work with hospice to procure all of the necessary equipment and supplies and we have doctors on-call 24/7 to ensure your loved one has the best quality of life possible during the time they have left.

In the final stages of life, especially when a person is afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the individual can become completely unresponsive and have trouble breathing, eating, and swallowing. Hospice care attends to these needs so that your loved one can transition as easily as possible. Grace Hospice, Kansas City Hospice, and Catholic Charities Hospice are among the local organizations we have worked with.

Key Features of SeniorCare Homes Hospice Care

  • A comfortable home environment for families
  • Surroundings your loved one is already familiar with
  • Personal touches to provide a soothing atmosphere
  • Doctors and nurses on-call 24/7
  • Palliative care to manage pain
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Food and snacks