Assisted Living in Overland Park, Kansas

Life at SeniorCare Homes

Our warm, comfortable residences provide an alternative to traditional Assisted Living facilities where long hallways and institutional meal options can be less than desirable.

Our residents and their families can enjoy real residential homes with beautiful yards, gardens, and walking paths.

SeniorCare Homes limits each residence to 5 to 8 people. This enables us to provide the most individualized care, focusing on activities that stimulate the brain and encourage independence and participation in daily life around the house.

The first thing that gets taken away when someone goes to a large facility is the ability to cook, clean, set the table, or get a drink-things a person has done their entire life. The real home setting at SeniorCare Homes promotes self-esteem and enhances lives by making each day meaningful, fulfilling, and endowed with familiarity and a deep sense of belonging.

This warm, family atmosphere promotes social interaction and minimizes time spent isolated in rooms, thereby preventing the kind of depression that can occur at large facilities where residents are often left alone most of the day.



Key features of SeniorCare Homes for Assisted Living

  • Pricing is typically less than other institutional assisted living options in Johnson County and greater Kansas City
  • Pricing is typically less than private duty care
  • Understanding that independence for as long as possible instills dignity
  • Residents form deep friendships in ways not always possible in large settings
  • Residents assist with the grocery list and preparation of home cooked meals from scratch
  • Families are able to know staff members on a personal basis
  • iPad memory games and programs
  • Weekly outings into surrounding Kansas City for meals, ice cream, cultural and art-related activities
  • Low turnover of staff
  • Convenient access to nurses 24/7
  • Private bedrooms & bathrooms available
  • Bathrooms equipped with safety grab bars and easy-access showers