The Impact of Increasing Size on Senior Living Care Quality

The Shift Towards Larger Communities When it comes to Senior Living, bigger hasn't always been the norm and isn’t always better. The rebirth of the nursing home has been fueled by the increased size of newly built senior living communities. Memory Care as a Case Study To best demonstrate the effects, let’s use memory care [...]

Corporate Decisions and Their Impact on Senior Living Communities

Many senior living communities are corporately owned, with decisions often made remotely. This distance can lead to a disconnect between corporate leadership and the residents, families, and employees on the frontline. Such decisions, while well-intentioned, can have significant unintended consequences. Understanding the Nuances of Care Each senior living community has its unique history, strengths, weaknesses, [...]

The Nursing Home is Back: 5 Reasons for this unpopular comeback

Seniors had options, now the old school nursing home may be the only place to find higher level care beds that are available and capable. Images of hard tile floors and sterile white walls conjure up bad memories of what senior living had to offer in the distant past. Over the last decade, these antiquated [...]

Nurse Licensure Announcement

Bonnie Lee, LPN We are pleased to announce that Bonnie Lee, LPN, one of our employees, has recently completed her Red Cross CPR Certified Instructor training. This advanced training program has equipped Bonnie with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive CPR instruction to our staff, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle any situation, including [...]

A Guide to Utilizing Assisted Living in Overland Park, Kansas

As people age, they may require additional assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. Senior Care Homes, also known as assisted living communities, provide seniors with the support they need to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. In Overland Park, Kansas, there are many options for Senior Care Homes, making it […]

Hannah Cline Promoted to Director of Nursing at SENIORCARE HOMES

Hannah Cline - Director of Nursing SeniorCare Homes LLC ( based in Prairie Village, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hannah Cline as Director of Nursing. This new role will oversee clinical operations for our 5 Johnson County locations at every level including compliance with the State of Kansas. Previously, Hannah had been a [...]

SeniorCare COVID-19 Updates & Planning

May 22, 2020 Dear SCH Families, Visitors and Care Team, We would like to report that our homes continue to remain free from COVID-19 infection. Your incredible support, trust, generosity and patience as we navigate “safest practices” has meant the world and reinforced our safety-first philosophy. With regard to the reopening of businesses and services [...]

Coronavirus Update May 5 2020

May 5, 2020 Dear SCH Families, As you know, many different approaches are being considered as we return to a more “normal” state following the COVID-19 outbreak.  At SeniorCare Homes, our priority is – and will continue to be – the safety and wellbeing of our residents as we follow guidance from the Centers for [...]

Coronavirus Update March 12 2020

March 12, 2020 Dear SCH Families, As we continue to monitor the potential impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will proceed as though the threat of the virus is imminent in our community. Based on the recommendations of the CDC, we will be restricting access to our homes to protect the vulnerable population whom we serve. [...]

Coronavirus Update

March 10, 2020 Dear SCH Families, Matthew WhitePresident, SeniorCare Homesmatthew@seniorcare-homes.com913-209-8661

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