The Appeal of Coming Home



Home means many things to many people. For some it’s a physical place where we can lay our head each night. For others it’s more of a feeling that invokes a feeling of comfort and security. At its best, a home combines the physical comforts of a safe structure while providing a feeling of peace and serenity to its inhabitants.

Throughout our lives, the location and our feelings about home can evolve and change. As a child, one of the first things learned is the address and phone number of our home. Then as we grow and begin to spread our wings in independence, it’s normal to begin to feel that home may not be where we want to be or perhaps we long to create a home of our own with friends, a spouse and eventually children.

Home is Shorthand for Love

At its best, home is the place where we can be ourselves and be comfortable and loved. Mother Teresa who provided a home to so many in need may have said it best. “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action.” This quote shows how the home is not so much about the structure but more about the activities of love and kindness happening inside.

These feelings occur via the people inside the home, the design, color and flow of the rooms, and by the events that take place within its walls. Perhaps this is why activities like baking cookies, playing games or simply gathering together in one room take on increased significance. So often it’s the people doing these activities that help make the common and ordinary special.

Creating a New Home

In the later life years, there is an unfortunate possibility that these special, yet everyday occurrences, of home could irrevocably change or seize to exist altogether if the individual has to move from their home for health or mobility reasons. At this time, it’s all too easy for an individual to lose the comforts of home for a sterile and utilitarian skilled nursing or assisted living facility.

But things do not have to be that way. SeniorCare provides comfortable and stable assisted living for seniors living with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Each comfortable home environment provides personalized and individual care for eight individuals. Designed to replicate the best features of home, SeniorCare Home residents enjoy fresh meals eaten together around a kitchen table, evenings cheering on the Royals or watching old movies on Netflix, and opportunities for safe exploration around the yards, gardens, patios and secure walking paths.

Benefits of SeniorCare Memory Home Living

  • Available nurses and doctors 24/7
  • Safe, easily navigable environment
  • Licensed, in-residence caregivers
  • Specialized dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s care
  • Increased social interactions to lessen chance of depression

SeniorCare Homes in Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas, offer the most comfortable and stable assisted living environment to seniors with dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Phone (913) 236-0036 to learn more about neighborhood living for the memory impaired.