Making the Most of a Rainy Day



The drip drop of the softly falling rain can be soothing but the recent stretch of wet weather experienced over the Memorial Day weekend and beyond could test even those who profess to love the rain. On those days when it was impossible to get out and about during the drenching rain, the residents and caregivers at SeniorCare Homes found it advantageous to revisit some of tried-and-true remedies for soggy days.

Cooking – There’s nothing like the smell of warm goodies, sweet or savory, coming out of the oven. One of our favorite rainy afternoon activities at Senior Care is to make mini pizzas for lunch or dinner. With a variety of ingredients placed in small bowls, residents enjoyed decorating small crusts with a dab of sauce and a generous coating of pepperoni, sausage, or chopped veggies and a sprinkling of shredded cheese. We’ve found that the wait from oven to dinner plate can challenge even the most patient with the mouthwatering smells of bubbling cheese and toasty bread, mmmmm.

While pizza is good, there’s nothing quite like the smell of warm vanilla and cinnamon filling up the rooms of the Memory Home. Residents love to help our caregivers assemble the ingredients for drop cookies, muffins and quick breads. The promise of yummy baked goods is an easy enticement to grasp the cooking utensils that build and enhance fine motor skills. Besides, who doesn’t like to enjoy the fruits of their cooking labor with a cup of mid-morning coffee watching the raindrops softly slide down the panes of the picture windows?

Games – Many of us have fond memories of wiling away the hours placing and collecting Monopoly houses on Park Place or guiding a gingerbread man through the candy cane forest. What we probably didn’t realize is game playing is also a great source of mental stimulation and increased alertness.

During the recent rainy stretch, SeniorCare residents enjoyed a variety of games from rounds of Bingo, cards and well-loved board games to mental diversions on the IPad. We also added an element of fun to the daily household chores by making games out of sorting items such as colorful buttons and making matching pairs of patterned and different-sized socks.

Exercise – With hours upon hours of rain, who wants to get outside for a soggy walk around the backyard or garden? Not us. Instead, the residents enjoyed exercising to a range of their favorite music while taking a spin on an exercise machine like the stationary bike. We also had fun with some impromptu wiggle sessions where we moved out feet, arms, legs and hands to the beat of the music. As to be expected, there was also a bit of silliness, too, which made the spontaneous movement that much more fun!

Ways to Keep the Brain Moving

The activities enjoyed by the SeniorCare residents are some of the many ways to keep the brain active and supple. During Alzheimer’s Awareness Month this June, we challenge you to keep the brain alert with ways to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

  • Take part in cardiovascular exercise
  • Learn something new through reading or taking a class
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce risk factors for high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay social through meaningful activities

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