A Gathering Time for Food and Families


Hamburger patties and hot dogs on the grill under flaming coals

The mere mention of the word barbecue can conjure up wonderful things. For some it’s all about the taste and smell of slowly smoked meats accompanied by a sweet tangy sauce. For others, the word has become a catch-all for impromptu or planned gatherings where it’s possible to enjoy the pleasures of gathering with family and friends eating a meal that’s American as apple pie.

Here in the Midwest, barbecue is often a happy combination of both of those things – great food and good company. The result of this combo is an event that brings enjoyment that lingers long after the last burger, rib or hot dog is eaten. During the winter months the hardy might grill in a coat or under an umbrella but for most of us, the uncovering of the grill after a long, cold winter is just as much a passage of the season as the blooming of the flowers and the greening of the grass.

It’s Officially Barbecue Season

Thankfully it’s finally time to start thinking about all the things that taste good on the grill. As the weather warms and the windows stay open to the catch the cool breeze you know barbecue season has truly arrived. Even if you’re not lucky enough to have your own grill there’s always the chance to catch a hint of delicious barbecue in the air.

As they say, the nose knows and the smells of grilling meat are always the perfect way to bring people together for food and fellowship. With May as the unofficial start of the grilling season, the residents and caregivers have been looking forward to the annual SeniorCare barbecues held at each of the Memory Homes.

The annual barbecue is a way for residents to enjoy the very best aspects of the barbecue season in the safe and calming environment of the Memory Homes. Residents who enjoy being involved in the activities will lend a hand in making parts of the meal and setting the place settings in anticipation of the special annual event. We believe special times such as the annual barbecue not only serve as an important gathering time encouraging socialization, they also create an important sense of family between the residents of the Memory Homes and their caregivers.

In addition to events such as the annual barbecue, each home has its own grill so that the house manager is able to offer the residents the special treat of a grilled hamburger or hot dog to accompany the fun of game nights or evenings cheering on the Royals. Each Memory Home also offers special attributes such as beautiful sunrooms, winding backyard paths, or an adjacent deck from which to enjoy the festivities.

Residential-style living at SeniorCare Home

  • Vineyard House – Central Overland Park
  • Hanover House – Overland Park
  • Waveny House – Overland Park
  • Newport House – Old Leawood
  • Nantucket House – South Overland Park

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