Senior Care Home Activities


Activities at Senior Care Homes

For assisted living residents in a Senior Care Home, there are some activities that are often scheduled to help them in the state to make the best of their life at that stage. As most of them have one particular health conditions or the other, there are suitable activities that can be embarked upon to improve their wellbeing. In our senior care home in Kansas City, we work with family members to arrive at some specific activities that will help residents living with Alzheimer and related dementia. Some of the activities are summarised below.

Gardening In the Secure Yard

For residents who love nature, we provide an opportunity for them to get involved in gardening in our secured yard. As they tend to the lovely plant, they are more at peace with themselves.

Fun Exercises

For those that have interest in some specific exercises, we monitor them as they enjoy their fun activities. There is Net-Flix, Wii, a ping pong table and a basketball hoop to make exercise fun.

Alzheimer’s Focused iPad Activities

There are some iPad games, videos, and activities that are Alzheimer focused. We provide them for many residents that are interested.


For those that enjoy cooking, we provide an ample opportunity for them to indulge in their favorite dishes even as we monitor closely. 

Exercising in Our Enclosed Walking Path

We have an enclosed walking part that is ideal for exercising and we let our senior residents exercise in this path.

Specialized Memory Enhancement Exercises

Another activity that takes place at our senior care home Kansas City are the specialized memory enhancement exercises. These specialized exercises that enhance memory and our residents receive this support fully.

Spa Treatment

Never underestimate the effect a spa can have on the mind of a senior patient. Manicure, pedicure, and hair treatments are provided for our residents and this improves their moods.

Trips to Fun Locations

There are different Local Attractions throughout Johnson County and we take our residents to trips to these wonderful places and these trips have shown to be very helpful for them.

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