SeniorCare Homes Resident Honored at Memories in the Making Art Auction



SeniorCare Homes would like to congratulate Hanover House resident Jean Decheff on being honored at the Alzheimer’s Association’s ‘Memories in the Making’ Art Auction this week. One of Jean’s botanical paintings will be on display and available for acquisition at the auction. With a passion for planting and gardening, it’s no surprise that the artwork on exhibit reflects Jean’s love of “bringing flowers to life.”

SeniorCare Homes is an official site for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memories in the Making program, hosted each week at our residence in Prairie Village. At the helm is Karen Clond, our beloved program director, who each week with the aid of her staff, brings nurture and encouragement to those who participate in this program. Not only does creative expression improve the self-esteem of those with dementia, it increases focus and attention span, reduces isolation and taps into memories that still exist. The loss of language doesn’t mean a lost desire to express oneself. Through the creative process of painting, folks living with Alzheimer’s speak to us, offering an essence of themselves through their work. In viewing this art, families, caregivers and the public are often touched by the tangible evidence of what remains of a person even after the disease has robbed them of so much.

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