Passionate People


I wanted to take this chance to give everyone an update on SeniorCare Homes as we begin to see Summer slip between our fingertips. Fall is around the corner and the construction of our third location in Leawood in well under way. We already have several rooms reserved and look forward to the many stories and moments that will be created in the new home for years to come.Over the years, we have been able to test our belief that a smaller care environment benefits residents in all stages of Alzheimer’s and memory impairments. Could there be an alternative to the “big box” facilities that have popped up on many corners of Johnson County? Yes!It has truly been magical to allow staff the time to challenge, support, love and engage our residents each and every day.  Carefully building a “family” of just 4 or 5 residents in a real home setting that is designed for the memory impaired does work!The many incredible moments we witness can be attributed to the passion of the people on our staff and the families that support and love the residents in their new home. As the trees turn to bronze and the cool air approaches, there is no doubt that the future is bright. The future to remain a small, intimate and deeply involved group of passionate people called SeniorCare Homes is alive and well.Look for more updates, pictures and video to post on the blog each week.Blessings,JerrySeniorCare President100_0628100_0629100_0630