SeniorCare Homes Featured in the Kansas City Star


SeniorCare is honored to have a feature story in the June 18th Kansas City Star. The story ran in the Neighborhood news section and was featured on the front page. Details can be found below and the story is an exciting way for more families to learn about what makes our new residential assisted living concept so special to seniors and their families in Johnson County. Read the complete article below or visit for further details.

Elderly feel right at home

By JENNIFER BHARGAVAThe Kansas City StarWhen it came to finding a care facility for her ailing mother-in-law, Debbie Cox felt like she hit the jackpot.Instead of a large institution, where her mother-in-law, Hilda, could get lost in a shuffle of dozens, the center Cox chose was a charming ranch house in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.There was a bright sun room to sit in every morning, a landscaped back yard, homemade meals and professional staff on site 24 hours a day.The place looked like a home.After a month, Cox realized it was a home.“She (Hilda) is really responding to the calmness and care,” Cox said. “She’s eating better, and I think she’s much happier. The environment is so inviting that family members enjoy going to visit more often and come away feeling reassured that this is the perfect place for grandma.”The Overland Park center is the first of six SeniorCare Homes that will be opening in the Kansas City area.It houses up to six residents, who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.Safety is one of its main features.Sharp objects are locked up, the back yard is fenced in and the stove is impossible for an unsupervised patient to turn on.The one-on-one connection between residents and staff, however, is the main reason family members can’t wait for their loved one to move in.Hilda, for example, spends a lot of time doing memory exercises with one of her caregivers, Karen Paul. Talking about her life and having a constant companion nearby makes it easier for the elderly woman to cope with the disease eating at her mind.Decorating her bedroom with family photos and her own furniture also made the transmission easier.Watching Hilda progress makes SeniorCare Homes founder Jerry Pullins happy and a little wistful.The Prairie Village resident started the company a year ago, after watching his own grandmother lose a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.It broke his heart to see his grandmother in an institution, with 20 to 30 other patients, when she really longed to be at home.He realized families in Kansas City needed an alternative to a large institution — a smaller place where their loved one could receive personal care.When he told his wife, Jessie, about his idea, she gave him all her support.They opened the Overland Park location in January. To get the word out, Jessie, a part-time teacher, spent hours visiting with churches, doctors and Alzheimer’s associations.“It’s rare to see someone who has a heart for the elderly and is so passionate about helping them,” Jessie said. “And it’s neat to see my husband get so excited about his job. He enjoys it so much it was easy to get the company started.”They are hoping, in the fall, to open their second SeniorCare Home center in Overland Park.Even though the business is barely off its feet, the interest in their senior care home has been rapidly growing.The two couldn’t be more pleased. When they’re not working, they spend most of their time with the residents who occupy the home.“Being with them (the residents) is the best part of the job,” Pullins said. “Residents show their happiness through their smiles and improved health.”Although he wishes the company had been around when his grandmother was alive, he’s happy to be helping the family members of others.He encourages the staff members to keep the residents active outside of the home too. The residents are often taken shopping, out to ice cream, and to do crafts at local Alzheimer’s associations.“These homes allow someone to age in place,” Pullins said. “We hope they move in and live out their days in joy. Hopefully this is someplace they can stay their entire life.”

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