Alzheimer’s Care – ObamaCare’s Silver Lining?


With the baby boomer generation growing older, there is an increased number of families becoming caregivers for parents in various stages of memory loss around the United States. Staying at home is always the first goal.

Despite these wishes, as confusion advances and safety impaired, senior care in the home can become expensive and taxing both emotionally and physically for the caregivers.

The vast majority of the more than 5.1 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s or dementia will end up requiring around the clock care in a licensed facility. The next hurdle to navigate becomes how to ensure that the care delivered is consistent.

alzheimer's obamacare

When I started SeniorCare Alzheimer’s Homes in Prairie Village, Kansas, I was familiar with the Alzheimer’s care industry on a local level and excited to partner with the great folks running other local facilities. Now, six years later there is not one of my colleagues in the same management position, and I have seen first hand how easily a caregiver can leave a position for a small raise. Our loved ones deserve to be treated by a consistent team that are motivated to stay and have a sustainable set of healthcare and benefits.

This is where Obamacare Care and the Affordable Care Act may come in handy.

As a small business owner, employing a staff of amazing caregivers, we are not able to offer to pay 100% of all the insurance for every caregiver. In the past, there have been mini medical plans or health savings accounts available, but these two options can have serious pitfalls and still leave recipients footing the bill on huge deductibles.

Aflac benefits receive almost 100% participation due to lower costs. Caregivers would be able to avoid the costly bills and litigation for nonpayment of services if the cost threshold of the new plans offered in the new Health Insurance Marketplace is low enough.

The question remains, what will our workforce of caregivers be willing to pay towards a health insurance plan?

If the system is simple and subsidies readily available, ObamaCare may offer a real solution with real benefits for all caregivers.

No matter what, The Affordable Care Act can have a silver lining when it comes to ensuring that Alzheimer’s care remains consistent in the coming years. There must be compromise and teamwork in Washington for the benefit of all those living with Alzheimer’s and related memory disorders.

– Jerald Pullins Jr. / SeniorCare Operator