Welcoming Back the Royals



Last year, the Royals brought the citizens of Kansas City something that had been missing for some time — a needed infusion of hometown pride. After a fall marked by the high note of Forever October and an exciting race for the American League pennant, post-season celebrations continued with Royals fans lining up to purchase Royals Avenue replica street signs from the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Somehow fans managed to make it through by speculating about this year’s prospects and dreaming of another exciting season.

Coasting into the New Year, it still felt good to be a true blue Royals fan and after a long winter, we finally got our Royals fix. The afternoon Season Opener kicked off Monday, April 6, against the Chicago White Sox. Residual 2014 season excitement and a packed stadium helped re-ignite the excitement of cheering for the hometown team. Fans were subsequently rewarded with a string of seven wins in a row before losing in an away game to the Minnesota Twins. Still number two in the American League Central Division, isn’t bad!

SeniorCare Game Watch Nights

The excitement created by the Royals made its mark on individuals throughout the community including the residents of SeniorCare Home who were thrilled to be a part of the action. After what felt like a long absence, the residents were ready to pick up right where we left off. Part of this anticipation might be attributed to the re-introduction of the fun of game watch nights at our SeniorCare Home facility. Centered on the Royals games, these bonding times are a great chance for socialization with the added benefit of familiarity.

In addition to being a lot of fun, the game nights are the perfect opportunity for building social connections between all those who are present. A number of studies have shown that participating in social networks can help delay cognitive impairment. These interactions can be in the form of phone calls, visits, mail or events where people have the opportunity to bond in support of a common activity. Each social exchange is known to stimulate the formation of brain synapses, which enhance blood flow within the brain and encourage the development of nerve cells.

The game watch nights also allow residents, caregivers and visiting family members the chance to relax and bond while they cheer on the hometown team, benefitting the emotional, social and psychological health of all those who are present, but we just like to think of it as having fun!

Health Benefits of Watching Sporting Event and Games

  • Movements (shifts, twists, slides, etc.) are subconsciously recorded in the mind
  • Stimulation of areas of the brain responsible for control and planning
  • Improved optimism as a direct result of cheering as a group
  • Enhancement of visualization and thinking from watching the actions of the players

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