The Benefits of a Positive Influence


Group of senior people in retirement home playing domino game

In life there are inevitable seasons of change. These may be times of new jobs and activities, welcoming new children and friends, or letting go of non-productive elements in our life to make way for new opportunities. Depending on the time, place and individuals we interact with during these times, our life can be very different from one season to the next. What or who is a top priority at one moment can quickly change based on the current circumstances of our life and those we are closest to. In the best of times though, these are moments with the ability to push us to new and greater personal heights.

A Sporting Example

If you’re a fan of the Kansas City Royals or KC Chiefs you may see evidence of this kind of change happening among the teams. For the Royals, this is in the form of a growing number of walks at the plate for the team. The Kings of Kauffman website speculated if Ben Zobrist, the Royals new outfielder, is responsible for the Royals improving walk rate. Since his acquisition from the Oakland A’s, the team continues to increase its number of walks. Interestingly, during last year’s incredible Forever October run, the team dodged criticism for not being choosier at the plate. Funny how things can change under the influence of the right person.

Just across the Kauffman Stadium parking lot, the KC Chiefs are experiencing a boost of their own. The unexpected, yet hoped for, return of cancer survivor Eric Berry this season is providing the Chiefs with an unexpected role model. On various media outlets, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith shared his awe in the swift recovery and amazing physical progress Berry made in the off-season. Not only is Berry healthy and scrambling in the pre-season, his personal actions are also galvanizing his team in way that’s about much more than sports.

Embracing the Unexpected in the Game of Life

Although watching the ups and downs of our hometown teams can be exciting one moment and challenging the next, the action rarely compares to the personal resourcefulness needed for day-to-day living. Consistently maintaining the equilibrium of our life can test our limits depending on the day and its circumstances. For those caring for someone with compromised communication and memory issues as a result of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other memory problems, this can be a very big task.

In these cases it can be helpful to turn to those with prior experience in the matter. SeniorCare Homes, a provider of assisted living, offers elder care in residential homes suited to the unique needs of individuals with long-term memory issues. Each home provides residents with a caring environment where they can form friendships with knowledgeable caregiver staff and other residents. The close-knit community provides a stable environment that’s beneficial for natural interactions, safety, and an on-going personalized level of specialized memory care.

SeniorCare Homes in Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas, offer the most comfortable and stable assisted living environment to seniors with dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Phone (913) 236-0036 to learn more about neighborhood living for the memory impaired.