Questions to Ask Your Parent’s Doctor


Are you concerned about the health of a parent or senior loved one? If your mother or father is beginning to display signs of a serious condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s important to have a discussion with their doctor. At SeniorCare Homes of Prairie Village, nearby Overland Park and Kansas City, our staff is committed to providing education and resources to families in our care. Read the following tips to learn how to speak with your family doctor about these concerns. 

It can be hard to take care of a senior parent, especially if they tend to forget medications or fail to report certain symptoms. Even worse, some parents try to retain their independence by leaving you out of healthcare conversations. However, by making decisions alongside seniors instead of for them, they are more likely to include you in physician’s visits. 

Can you explain the diagnosis? 

Unfortunately, many people leave their doctor’s appointments not fully understanding their diagnosis or condition. If you are not sure what a specific term means, continue to ask questions until you are satisfied. It might help to bring a notepad and pen so you can write down the diagnosis to research later. 

What prescribed medications do we need? 

Every prescription has a purpose, so make sure you know the dosage, frequency and potential side effects of each one. Some medications interact with food and drinks, so make sure your senior understands this fact. 

Do we need follow-up tests? 

Some doctors don’t have a lot of time to spend with every patient, so once you receive a diagnosis, be sure to ask if any follow-up testing is required. Depending on your parent’s condition, they may need to see a specialist. Make sure to get a copy of all test results for your personal records. 

Does my parent require a special diet? 

As people get older, they may lose their appetite due to health conditions or as a side effect from their medication. It is essential that they receive proper nutrition to stay on top of their health. Learn if they need to take any additional vitamins or supplements or get a referral for a trusted dietician in Overland Park, Kansas City or Prairie Village, KS. 

What activities should we work on for next time?

There’s always room for improvement! Perhaps your parent needs to lower their cholesterol, stay properly hydrated, or practice their memory skills. This is a great way to set up goals about your senior parent’s overall health. Focus on correcting issues before they become bigger problems down the road. These preventative measures help them in the long run. 

Contact SeniorCare Homes 

Doctors and physicians say that seniors, their children, and health care professionals all need to work together in the interest of the patient. SeniorCare Homes of Prairie Village, KS, in nearby Overland Park, assists families by providing the best care possible. If you are having problems taking care of your senior parent, our caring staff will work with you to determine how to move forward based on your needs. Reach out to our team at 913-210-5813 to schedule a tour and learn more.