Corporate Decisions and Their Impact on Senior Living Communities


Many senior living communities are corporately owned, with decisions often made remotely. This distance can lead to a disconnect between corporate leadership and the residents, families, and employees on the frontline. Such decisions, while well-intentioned, can have significant unintended consequences.

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Understanding the Nuances of Care

Each senior living community has its unique history, strengths, weaknesses, and daily challenges. The care and preferences expected by seniors vary significantly depending on their care journey stage. It’s crucial to interpret the silos existing for each care type carefully, considering the current resident population’s needs, staffing capabilities, and environmental factors.

The Ripple Effects of Corporate Decisions

A decision as seemingly benign as requiring two caregivers for lifts can have drastic consequences. For instance, a memory care community that has been capable of assisting residents with 2-person transfer needs might suddenly force residents needing device assistance to relocate, giving them a 30-day notice. Such decisions can disqualify residents in need and permanently alter the community’s DNA.

The Push Towards Skilled Nursing Facilities

These corporate decisions often result in higher needs individuals being pushed to skilled nursing facilities. This shift is sometimes driven by the belief that staffing dollars can be saved, and efficiencies found. However, this can quickly lead to a situation where families are informed, they must move out due to the community’s inability to provide necessary care, causing a mass exodus and financial dilemmas for the community.

The Battle Between Ownership and Clinical Teams

The tension between ownership and clinical teams has become a significant issue. In some cases, families are given a 30-day notice, only to be told later that the decision has been reversed to prevent losing a large portion of the community’s census. This back-and-forth creates confusion and stress for residents and their families, highlighting the need for better communication and creative solutions to avoid drastic changes.

Conclusion: Seeking Creative Solutions

Corporate decisions in senior living communities have far-reaching effects on the care provided and the overall community atmosphere. It’s essential for corporate leadership to work closely with frontline staff, residents, and families to find creative solutions that avoid negative consequences and ensure the well-being of all residents.