Job Title
House Nurse – SeniorCare Chiefs Neighborhood

Date Posted

House Nurse:
The House Nurse position’s primary responsibilities are to assist residents, caregivers and families on all aspects of clinical care and resident wellness within the Chiefs Neighborhood homes (TBD). In addition, this position coordinates closely with the Nurse Clinical Director and management on all company policies, continual process improvement, procedures and standards of care according to the State of Kansas guidelines for Home Plus facilities.  The House Nurse is a champion for SeniorCare Homes at all the homes and promotes the highest standards of resident care possible for each individual and family we serve. This position reports to the Nurse Clinical Director.

Major Responsibilities


  • Oversees clinical operations for two of our licensed Home Plus locations  (total of 13 residents)
  • Ensures proper follow up of all incidents, accidents, and condition changes and that they are documented to SCH standards.
  • When working or on-call, follows up on all incidents/accidents/condition changes and gives all paperwork to the Clinical Director for final review and follow up.
  • Assists with communication on resident concerns to the assigned physician and family member.
  • Observes that your neighborhood homes are well kept, clean and in perfect working order. Communicating clinical needs/issues as needed to the Nurse Clinical Director and nonclinical needs to the owner / operator.
  • Builds trusting relationships with the residents and families.
  • Works with the Clinical Director to ensures that your SeniorCare Chiefs Neighborhood homes remain ready for State survey throughout the year
  • Performs all other assigned duties without going outside scope of practice

 Clinical/Resident Care

  •  Responsible to work with the Clinical Director to ensure that the Negotiated Service Agreements and Functional Capacity Screens are being carried out for each resident in accordance with State guidelines.
  •  Maintains monthly MAR, POS and TAR for your neighborhood residents
  •  Executes new Physician orders and coordinates new orders with outside providers
  •  Maintains charting and conducts chart reviews weekly
  •  Maintains routine labs, new lab orders and necessary follow-up
  •  Participates in quarterly pharmacy reviews and conducts follow-up on any pharmacy recommendations
  •  Participates in rounds with Physicians and other professionals
  •  Participates in weekly staff stand-up and development meetings
  •  Performs daily clinical evaluations on current residents
  •  Communicates relevant concerns related to the resident with their Physician
  •  Carries cell phone and maintains on-call response availability except when on-call RN/LPN coverage has been arranged
  •  Works as relief in homes when necessary to ensure staffing continuity
  •  As requested completes clinical assessment of prospective new residents
  •  Oversees the personalized new resident move in day process
  •  Assist with new resident admissions paperwork and chart creation
  •  Assist with resident activities and outings as needed
  •  Drives the SeniorCare car to complete resident outings
  •  Understands the SeniorCare philosophy of creating “moments of joy” assisting with education as needed
  •  Ensures compliance to company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies

 Team Support

  •  Provides guidance and improvement for staff associated with minor policy and procedure violations
  •  Prepares employee reviews for your house Care Specialists

 Family Care

  •  Communicates all relevant concerns of the resident with their family
  •  Promotes and evangelizes quality of care with the family


  • Monday Friday (8:30-5:00) with one night per week on-call
  • Maintains an approved work schedule that ensures supervision of all shifts and submits a weekly house/resident report for the Friday clinical stand up meeting.


  •  Desire to work with Alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders
  •  Wants to be a key member of the SeniorCare team
  •  Proven ability as a self starter and to work independently
  •  4 or more years of experience as a Licensed Kansas Nurse (RN/LPN)

 Company Paid Benefits

  •  Company paid individual health and dental insurance packages
  •  Supplemental vision, Simple IRA and life insurance as available
  •  3 Weeks Paid Vacation plus specified Holidays taken as long as coverage has been arranged    with other members of the clinical team
  •  Cell phone
  •  Mileage paid at national rate
  •  Laptop


 $TBD– (Compensation increases to be based on SeniorCare annual  performance and additional responsibilities taken on through growth)


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